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When planning our visit to Budapest, we had been advised by many friends that we needed to see the sights along the river Danube at night by taking a dinner cruise. And now, I say wow, I mean WOW! I just love to cruise on the river, which I already tried in many other cities, for example in Prague and London (but never tried dinner cruise before). However on the Danube with so many buildings illuminated is just a wow factor for me. If you have not got a time to browse around the city, then do not leave Budapest without a night dinner cruise.

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We arrived at the dock at the end of the blue hour, which is my favourite time of the day. We strolled down to the beautiful boat, from where we could watch the beautifully illuminated Budapest. As the boat ambled gradually down the Buda side, we could look up and see the glorious Castle Disctrict just next to the Fisherman’s Bastion, which is famous for its unparalleled panorama. Through the glass panes we could admire the brightening Chain Bridge, which considered an engineering marvel at its conception. Furthermore, my best part was when I realised the size of the Parliament building lit up in shades of gold. These spectacular sights were the reason, why I am saying that is a must for everyone who is visiting Budapest to take a dinner cruise on the Danube.

With the clock ticking and me being enchanted with the live music in the air, our dinner arrived. I barely had time to sneak a picture of our dinner, because I felt myself in another world. The food was amazing, there was no need for a knife, the slow-cooked duck melted almost intantly in my mouth after the heart warming, creamy sugar pea soup. We finished our dinner with creamy chocolate-chestnut sponge dessert and of course with local wines.

Once the dinner was over, the performers got to the main part of the show, the piano battle show. The two musicians musicially-spoken over the affections of the singing hostess trying to sweep the lady off her feet. She sung in a variety of languages to please the guests, but of course I enjoyed the songs in Hungarian the most. The rest of the dinner cruise was spent listening the beautiful piano music and embracing our special night on the Danube. Congratulations to the pianists and the lovely maitre d’ for the entertaining show and performance! The dinner cruise was really the best part of our trip in Budapest, because taking a dinner cruise is absolute the perfect way to see the capital of Hungary.

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Therefore, I believe that you really should not hesitate to sign up for a dinner cruise in Budapest before your visit.

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